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Zack Greinke Press Conference May 10th, 2013

Reporter:  [Your coming back okay?]

Greinke:  It felt pretty good.  Executed most pitches, not quite, you know, but it was close to  it.  I thought the first inning was bad, and then besides that, I think it was pretty good from there on out.

Reporter :  What was bad about the first inning?

Greinke:  Just, it wasn’t loose yet I didn’t feel like, and then it felt a  little stronger from there on out.

Reporter:  Do you expect to start Wednesday?

Greinke:  Yeah.

Reporter:  Do you feel like all your pitches were working for you, or were there some that were coming back later than others?

Greinke:  The curve ball was awful, but it’s been awful all year, so nothing is new there. And, well, all the other ones were pretty good. Change of venue wasn’t good.  I mean, I felt like it was, but they weren’t really chasing it.  Just that one guy was swinging at it, and that was it.  And I thought I was either going to really hit it or maybe the change just wasn’t as good as it looks like it is to me.

Reporter:  [Kroll]?

Greinke:  Yeah.  He took it one time real good too.

Reporter:  What do you think of that guy?

Greinke:  Pretty good.  I think I threw him three strikes, and they were all, like, right down the middle.  But he crushed all of them.  I mean, that’s what he was supposed to do.  He took the pitches that I wanted him to swing at, and then I had to throw a strike, and he was ready for it.

Reporter:  How’s your collarbone doing?

Greinke:  Good.  It doesn’t bother me anymore.

Reporter:  When you got the — when the original diagnosis was eight weeks, was that scary to you, or did you expect that to not be true?

Greinke:  I don’t know.  Eight weeks was — there was no surgery being done.  And then surgery wasn’t — I mean, there wasn’t really a timetable.  It was just whenever it gets better. At least — I mean, it could have been eight weeks.  It could have been less.  I was thinking I would have been back in the majors by now, but it’s going slower than I was hoping.

Reporter:  Did you have any performance goals you wanted to hit tonight, or was it just health your biggest thing?

Greinke:  Just I wanted to execute pitches good.  That was about it.  And it wasn’t great by any means, but I guess it was pretty good for not pitching in three weeks.

Reporter:  How did you manage to get back so quickly?  Because it seems like a collarbone should be six weeks anyway.  Was there something about the imagery?

Greinke:  No.  I mean, it’s just not that bad.  I mean, there’s no, like, extra medicine or anything I’m taking.  It’s just the surgery and then working out, and it’s just healing.  And then I feel I can do just about anything, but, like, run into people or a wall or something or — and they say not to dive. So…

Reporter:  No more having anyone run into you.

Reporter:  No more of that, right?

Greinke:  As long as that doesn’t happen, I’m good, supposedly.

Reporter:  How many more [rehab starts] do you think you’ll need before you’re ready?

Greinke:  I don’t know.  I guess we’ll talk about that when I get back tomorrow.

Reporter:  Were there any nerves at all when you went out?  Were you worried at all about how the shoulder would feel?

Greinke:  No.  I mean, the collarbone feels good.  It’s just getting the [right-on] ready, I think.  But there’s also science stuff and medical stuff going on.  So we’ll see how it goes.

Reporter:  When you said you expect to start Wednesday, do you mean Wednesday somewhere or Wednesday in L.A.?

Greinke:  Well, I mean, definitely Wednesday somewhere.  I’d say — I mean, I can’t say without talking to other people first.  And I’m sure they’d rather have me pitch better than the results were today. So that’s one thing too.  I mean, I felt like I was pitching okay, not great, like I said.  But the lights in a major league game are different.  And you just step up another level, and that comes.

Reporter:  If they said that they were comfortable with you pitching Wednesday, are you comfortable pitching in the Big Leagues Wednesday?

Greinke:  Yeah.  I mean, I am.  Just – I mean, I’m not going to be in mid-season form, but I’ll be — I’ll be able — I feel I’m able to take guys out, but I won’t be throwing no-hitters first game out or anything like that.

Reporter:  How deep could you throw?  What kind of pitches could you throw.

Greinke:  Well, I felt good still today. I actually — I really wanted to face one more guy because I knew I was getting close to the pitch count, and I really thought — I don’t know.  I wanted to get one more guy and give him some good stuff.  And – but I was already over the pitch count I had.

Reporter:  What was the pitch count they had set originally?

Greinke:  Just at around 75. If I felt good letting me go a little more, but if they wanted me to come out earlier, I’d come out earlier.

Reporter:  Did you feel like your speed was good?

Greinke:  I mean, it was close.  But, I mean, it wasn’t a hundred percent crisp.  But I think a  pitching a minor league game ten times is going to be like this all ten times.  I don’t need to — to be in the highest league to bring out your best stuff.  At least 1   I hope it gets better.  I mean, it wasn’t bad, like I said, but it was just a little — little –off.

Reporter:  At what point did you start pitching at the stretch?

Greinke:  An awful lot out of the stretch.  The guy got on base, and then I made some bad pitches.  So it’s like I need to work on the stretch a little bit.  And it got a little more comfortable.  But like I said, I haven’t had a stretch for three years now, so I don’t — I don’t plan to fix anything in one start.

Reporter:  When you fielded the bunt, could that have been a play where people above in the organization might have been a little afraid or something that you’ve got to be careful with?

Greinke:  I mean, maybe.  They said just no diving, no running into people.  But, I mean, that is a tougher play that you’ve got to — I mean, I guess –

Reporter:  Your instinct –

Greinke:  — you could get hurt doing that.

Reporter:  Bottom line, you felt you were able to do everything you wanted to do?

Greinke:  Yeah.  Well, I mean, it wasn’t perfect, you know, obviously, but it was — it was pretty good.

Reporter:  How did you feel your actions were defensively when a ball was hit to you?

Greinke:  Normal.  Just probably trying to do too much on the bunt.  I wanted to get the guy to third just to do it, but it was too good of a bunt. And I think we got the second one sort of fast.  So I don’t know.  Getting me out of position made the tough — the throw tough at first.

Reporter:  You seemed to be stretching a bit. Was that normal with the lower back?

Greinke:  I don’t know.  Maybe.  I just don’t know.  Like, probably something I don’t know about.  I don’t know.  I just do it, so — I didn’t notice anything. In the — in the dugout I was doing it or on the mound?

Reporter:  On the mound.

Greinke:  Oh, really?

Reporter:  Yeah.

Greinke:  Oh.

Reporter:  You were talking about the lights.  It seemed like pregame when you were warming up, you kept pointing to the lights. Did you have to adjust that?  You were saying that the Minor League savings lights are different than the Major Leagues? Is that a problem for you?

Greinke:  I don’t remember doing that. No.  I’m talking about — I’m pretty sure I’m talking about the Major League lights, like the highest stretch, not so much the actual, like, bright stadium lights.

Reporter:  Like the Minor Leaguer post game spread?

Greinke:  Yeah.

Reporter:  Where did you get them?

Greinke:  Supposedly imitation Outback.

Reporter:  Do you expect anything extra with the next meeting with the Padres?

Greinke:  No.  Just normal.

Reporter:  Thank you.

Reporter:  Thank you.  Good luck.

The Bigger Picture

Over the last few days, I have observed lots of comments made about Carlos Quentin charging the mound and injuring Zac Greinke.  As a Padres fan, I can honestly say that Carlos Quentin deserves to be suspended for going to the mound.  I can also say that Zac Greinke made a huge mistake in mouthing off at Carlos after he hit him.  No one but Zac Greinke knows if he really meant to hit Carlos Quentin with a 3-2 pitch (probably not) but we do know that it isn’t the first time Zac has hit him.  Whatever words were said by Greinke he isn’t owning up to and Quentin won’t repeat what was said.  As of now, Carlos Quentin has been slapped with an 8 game suspension and Zac Greinke will be out at least 6 weeks.  All of this isn’t good for baseball.  I hope at some point these guys can meet man to man and settle it and get past it, for the sake of both men and their careers.  

My bigger concern is what has happened is comments made by fans on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. Some Padres fans seem to be happy that Greinke got hurt and I find this repulsive.  We are out to beat the Dodgers on the field, not hurt their players.  The same can also be said for Dodger fans who are seeking revenge for their player getting hurt and want Quentin hurt as well.  I can understand revenge and the sense of justice, but that’s not good either.  It will only make matters worse for the Dodgers.  They’ve spent a ton of money in the off-season trying to buy something they haven’t earned in 25 years; a World Series title,  and the last thing they should get caught up in drama with a team that is at best in a rebuilding process lead by the former owner of the Dodgers.  

My hope, when all is said and done, is that fans leave it to the players on the field to do what they’re going to do.  We don’t need another incident like what happened 2 years ago when Bryan Stow was beaten almost to death by a collection of sick minded Dodgers fans just because he was a Giants fan.  My fear is that this will happen again this week and I hope the Dodgers organization is prepared for the worst.

-The Casual Fan

Roland Hemond-Current spending by the Los Angeles Dodgers

“Television has generated a lot of revenue.  Rich teams like the Dodgers in our division are spending money like there is no tomorrow.  Except, they’ll find out that it’s like spending money with credit cards and some day the bill will come in. They’ll find out by the 4th of July that 3 of the guys they laid out 5 year contacts to can’t play anymore.”