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Thank you Jason Marquis

Last Saturday, I attended the Padres vs Diamondbacks game.  I got in early to watch the Padres take batting practice.  I sat down with my friend Laurie and watched players shag fly balls.  Jason Marquis walked by us and I asked him if I could take a picture with him.  He told me, “I’ll do it after batting practice is over” which is almost always a polite way of saying I’m busy or don’t want to do it.  After 10 minutes, batting practice ended and we stood up to see if Jason would come back over and we didn’t see him.  We figured oh well and started to leave to go to the Diamondbacks dugout when Jason walked up and said, “lets get that picture.”  I was so surprised and happy that he remembered.  My friend Laurie took the picture and I thanked Jason and shook his hand and he walked off with his little boy.

If you ever read this Jason, thank you for taking the time to take a picture with a fan.


Roland Hemond-Current spending by the Los Angeles Dodgers

“Television has generated a lot of revenue.  Rich teams like the Dodgers in our division are spending money like there is no tomorrow.  Except, they’ll find out that it’s like spending money with credit cards and some day the bill will come in. They’ll find out by the 4th of July that 3 of the guys they laid out 5 year contacts to can’t play anymore.”

Roland Hemond-General Manager of the Chicago White Sox 1970-1985 and The Baltimore Orioles 1988-1995

Was able to attend our annual meeting of the SABR Ted Williams chapter in San Diego and hear former GM Roland Hemond speak.  He told stories of all of the different people he had meet and dealt with during his career, a career that spans from the 1940’s until current.  Of all the stories he told today, the one that pops out in my mind is the first game when he saw Jimmie Foxx play for Boston.  “It was in the 8th inning of the game, and I had to go to the bathroom, and Jimmy Foxx was up and I didn’t want to miss his at bat, so I decided to hold it in until his at bat was over.”  “After fouling off several pitches, he then hit a home run and I got so excited, I peed my pants and had to sit forward in my seat for the rest of the game.”  He was awesome to listen to.

I was able to meet him during the break and ask him who his favorite all-time player was and why he liked that person.  He named Ted Williams, Hank Aaron and Mickey Mantle, but said Ted was his all-time favorite because, “you always go back to the first player you first loved as a kid.”  I was able to take a picture with him and try on his World Series rings!  What a memory.ImageImageImage