Ushering in Chaos

When Ron Fowler and the O’Malley family bought the Padres, I was hopeful that we would see positive changes that make sense, but one glaring failure stands out this season and that is the constant rotation of ushers and guards at every single game.  I have been to over 15 games this season and only once have I had the same usher work in our section.  In the past the ushers had been assigned to one section and have built relationships with the fans in their sections.  Ushers and guards are frustrated and Padre fans are frustrated.

I would like to know who in the front office made this stupid change in policy and let them know that you have damaged the morale of the people who work at the park and you have frustrated the fans who actually chose to go to Petco Park rather than tweet from local sports bars like they are actually at the game.

Please return the ushers back to their 2012 sections.


Wayne A. McBrayer aka The Casual Fan



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