The Big SSSHHH!!!

Yesterday at the Padres game, I decided to go over to the Brewers dugout and attempt to talk to and or get the autograph of Bob Uecker.  Bob never came out, so I was left standing around watching batting practice when Brewers manager Ron Roenicke came walking toward the dugout.  I decided to ask Ron for an autograph to give to my friend Rebecca Herman who interviewed him for a book she is working on.  He walked up and I said, “Ron” and held up the ball.  Ron looked up at me, put his index finger in front of his lips and said, “ssshhh, not now” and walked into the dugout.

In 41 years of going to ballgames, I have never had that type of reaction while asking for autograph.  I could understand if I was yelling the whole time, but I didn’t even yell, “Ron” when I called to him.  While I didn’t get the autograph, the memory I have from this moment is priceless.


So darn funny … wish I would have seen it!

LOL – very funny! Sorry I missed seeing it!

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