The Bigger Picture

Over the last few days, I have observed lots of comments made about Carlos Quentin charging the mound and injuring Zac Greinke.  As a Padres fan, I can honestly say that Carlos Quentin deserves to be suspended for going to the mound.  I can also say that Zac Greinke made a huge mistake in mouthing off at Carlos after he hit him.  No one but Zac Greinke knows if he really meant to hit Carlos Quentin with a 3-2 pitch (probably not) but we do know that it isn’t the first time Zac has hit him.  Whatever words were said by Greinke he isn’t owning up to and Quentin won’t repeat what was said.  As of now, Carlos Quentin has been slapped with an 8 game suspension and Zac Greinke will be out at least 6 weeks.  All of this isn’t good for baseball.  I hope at some point these guys can meet man to man and settle it and get past it, for the sake of both men and their careers.  

My bigger concern is what has happened is comments made by fans on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube. Some Padres fans seem to be happy that Greinke got hurt and I find this repulsive.  We are out to beat the Dodgers on the field, not hurt their players.  The same can also be said for Dodger fans who are seeking revenge for their player getting hurt and want Quentin hurt as well.  I can understand revenge and the sense of justice, but that’s not good either.  It will only make matters worse for the Dodgers.  They’ve spent a ton of money in the off-season trying to buy something they haven’t earned in 25 years; a World Series title,  and the last thing they should get caught up in drama with a team that is at best in a rebuilding process lead by the former owner of the Dodgers.  

My hope, when all is said and done, is that fans leave it to the players on the field to do what they’re going to do.  We don’t need another incident like what happened 2 years ago when Bryan Stow was beaten almost to death by a collection of sick minded Dodgers fans just because he was a Giants fan.  My fear is that this will happen again this week and I hope the Dodgers organization is prepared for the worst.

-The Casual Fan


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