My Season Tickets Arrived

My friend TheBaseballPHD received her season tickets yesterday.  As a full season ticket holder, the presentation is breath taking.  Tickets in a box that opens up to display the tickets.  All of it is very impressive.  As The Casual Fan, I ordered the infamous 21 game package, which of course looks totally different.  

My tickets arrived in a large waterproof envelope, which protected my tickets on their multi-city romp that started in Arkansas and actually at one point was in Hawaii before settling gently on my door step.  I ripped open the envelope (yup, I’m that strong!) and inside was…another envelope!  Another protective procedure to assure my tickets would stay safe and sound.


Upon opening this (it wasn’t sealed so I didn’t have to use my incredible defined muscles) and inside was a smaller envelope with a couple of handy dandy brochures…..


Finally inside all of this were my tickets, membership card (not shown here, but very nice looking) and my 21 tickets.  If you can look closely, you’ll see I have a the Tuesday and Saturday tickets with 2 exceptions: The game on Monday July 29th with the Reds and of course, Sunday August 4th when the Yankees were here.  Wanted the Saturday Yankees tickets, but got Sunday, which of course, I can’t go to. 😦



All in all, I am actually happy and don’t expect much since I didn’t pay much.  I do love my Padres and I do have an awesome person who takes care of my ticket needs and that’s Hayley Hallum.  She covers full season ticket people, but I called her to order my seats and she was happy to help.  If you need ticket info and help, contact her.

Hope the story made you laugh. Go Padres 2013.




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