Guest Writers On My Blog

I have been in contact with a few friends who like to write about baseball who would occasionally like to post something on my blog.  Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t be writing anymore and that I’ll be turning over my blog to others, I will still be writing most of the blogs on here.  This Friday, one of the people I have written about will be making his debut on my blog.  He has given me permission to post a story he wrote a while back.  He is known by some as “The One Game Wonder” and the man who never made an out in a major league game.

Ladies and gentleman, The Casual Fan introduces Mr. John Paciorek.  Former player for The Houston Colt 45’s.  He’s a great writer and a nice person.  I hope you’ll enjoy his thoughts on the subjects he writes on as he adds his voice to The Casual Fan.



  1. Thomas

    If you ever want a Amateur story, lemme know. I write a lot, and have much Love for the game, it’d be a Honor to do 1 here.

    • TheCasualFan1

      Thank you for the offer. I have a couple of former players who I have talked about writing stuff here. I would be happy to see what you write. No guarantees I would post, but I won’t take any thought you have an take credit for it.

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