Rain and Bobbi Q’s-Day 2 Spring Training-March 8th

After a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we hit the road for the last leg of our trip to Peoria.  We arrived at the Peoria Complex at 12:30PM.  We got tickets 3 rows above the Mariners dugout, and sat down to watch the game.

The weather reports were indicating a 90% chance of rain, but who cares about rain when there is baseball to watch.  It started to sprinkle as much as the A’s hitters were sprinkling hits all over the field.  By the 2nd inning, rain started and people ran for the exits.  I decided to get up and check out the stadium and get a bloody mary (my favorite ballpark drink).  As I walked over to get one, I passed by a table where some former players were signing autographs.  “Mudcat” Grant, John “Blue Moon” Odom and Bert “Campy” Campaneris were lined up selling autographed balls, bats, photos and jerseys.  I wanted to take a picture, but one look at Bert and I wondered if he would toss a bat if I took a picture without paying for it :-).

With my bloody mary in hand, I returned to my seat.  The A’s were up 9-1 and launching hits all over the field.  The 4th inning started and the A’s racked up 3 more runs, had runners on base and I believe God had enough of the game.  It rained, it poured, and the umps called it and everyone (including the players) ran for cover.  The tarp was pulled out and the grounds crew fought the wind to cover the infield.  After a few minutes, they were able to cover the field and we were out of there.  We jumped in the car and headed to the plush Ramada Hotel for a dry, relaxing afternoon before dinner.

By the time we headed out for dinner, the rain had stopped but it was really wet out.  We drove to Bobbi Q’s for dinner to eat with Andrew Werner and his lovely wife Melanie.  Upon arriving, we checked in and got a table.  Within a few minutes, Andrew and his wife arrived and the evening began. We sat down and chatted baseball, talked about Andrew’s new team; the A’s, what his days were like and what they both were doing in their spare time in Arizona and consumed lots of ribs and brisket.  My kids were thrilled to be chatting with a major league player and Andrew and Melanie were incredibly nice to all of us.  After dinner we walked out to my car and gave them a 2012 Padres team photo that Andrew was in. Andrew took the time to sign my jersey of his that I got at Fanfest 2013.  We hugged them both and drove back to the Ramada to rest up for Saturday.

I know they’re are a lot of great guys playing the game, but Andrew is one of the nicest I have ever met.  Melanie is an awesome lady who was a pleasure to meet.  We plan on making a trip to Anaheim to see the A’s sometime this year and cheer Andrew on.  May God bless the Werner family in 2013…and beyond. Image


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