Dick Enberg-Padres Awards Dinner 2013

Sports has always been a part of the life of Dick Enberg.  After playing college baseball at Central Michigan University, Dick moved on to graduate school at Indiana University where he started his broadcasting career calling IU basketball and football.  In the late 60’s, Dick moved to Southern California where he started working for KTLA calling games for John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins and KMPC 710 announcing Angels baseball and Rams football. Over the years, Dick has broadcast Wimbledon, The Super Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Breeder’s Cup, The Olympics and major boxing matches.  He has hosted 3 tv game shows;  Baffle, Three For the Money and Sports Challenge and has done voice overs for such classic movies as The Longshot and appeared as himself in The Naked Gun.  If it’s a mega sporting event, chances are Dick Enberg has been there broadcasting it over the airwaves or on television.  Currently, Dick is announcing for the San Diego Padres and his catch phrase “he can touch them all” ” can be heard by Padres fans after each home run hit by the Padres along with his famous expression “oh, my.”

Upon meeting Dick, I asked him who was his favorite all-time player and without a moment of hesitation Dick responded with,  “Ted Williams was the greatest player I ever saw.  I got to know Ted Williams and personally liked him, but Ted was the best player I ever saw.”

Personally, I love Dick Enberg as an announcer and I am happy he’s working for my Padres.



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