John Paciorek-Houston Colt .45’s

John Paciorek is a player who has the distinction of never making an out in a major league game.  On September 29th, 1963 in Colts Stadium, John batted 5 times with 3 singles, 2 walks, 4 runs scored and 3 runs batted in.  Injuries to his back and arm ended his career early, but his one game will go down as the greatest game a player has ever had playing in just one major league game for his career.  He currently is a teacher at a private school in San Gabriel, CA and has written a book called The Principle of Baseball: All There Is To Know about Hitting.


I wrote John recently and he took the time to respond about who his favorite players are….

“To answer your first question is difficult because my admiration for players is relative to the period of my life when particular aspects of the game were more important to me. As a kid, my favorites were Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and Babe Ruth. As a Professional player myself, the one I most admired was Joe Morgan because I knew first hand what he went through to become the Hall of Famer he did become. Presently, the two players most influential in my teaching of baseball skills are Barry Bonds and Nolan Ryan. Everything I write about Batting and Throwing a baseball is due to my observation of their mechanical techniques.”

All of the players John named except for Barry Bonds are in the Hall Of Fame, but all of them did one thing John never did….and that was make an out during their major league career.



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