What Got Me Started With My Theme

When I was a young boy, I read books about baseball players.  Babe Ruth, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and any other book about baseball player stories that I could get my hands on.  I loved reading about Mickey Mantle switch hitting and would go in my backyard and try to hit from both sides of the plate.  If I threw a ball, I was pretending to be Willie Mays or Roberto Clemente.  If I was pitching, I was Satchel Paige throwing fastballs no one could see or hit.  If I was playing 1B, I was Willie Montanez, catching a ball and quickly whipping my mitt down in one motion.  As I got older, players like Tony Gwynn, Dave Parker and Ricky Henderson became the guys I wanted to play like.

All of these thoughts came to mind and made me wonder if baseball players have players they love and do they play like them.  What type of influence do their favorite players have on them today?  Have players ever met their favorite players?  As I ask each player, I hope you’ll enjoy each answer I get.  Some will be simple and quick, others will be longer and more detailed.  With each answer we see a small part of what makes up each player.

This is my previous blog if you want to check out my old posts:  http://thecasualfan1.blogspot.com/


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