Padres Awards Dinner 2013

For my birthday, my best friend Dr. Rebecca Herman aka The Baseball PHD, bought me a ticket for this event!  What a birthday gift!  Upon arriving at The Hall of Champions, we checked in and were escorted downstairs for drinks and a chance to chat with players, coaches and front office staff.  We chatted with some bloggers who have assembled a great group of writers who are know together as “Padres Pub”, talked to Chase Headley, Chris Denorfia, Glenn Hoffman, Tom Garfinkel and Josh Byrnes.  I was very impressed with the people who we talked with and the time they took with us.

We walked upstairs for dinner and sat at table 17.  We once again had the pleasure to sit with Bob Scanlan and his wife.  As the ladies talked about how good Bob looked with his new beard, my clean shaven face looked around and wondered what players we would have at our table.  We were joined by 2 arms in the bullpen, who both have the first name of Brad; Brach and Boxberger.  Brad Brach sat next to me and I introduced myself.  He was one of the people I had written about last year in my blog asking who his favorite player was, and Brad Brach’s favorite was Cal Ripken Jr.  We chatted about that and he told me about life in the minors.  He was very friendly and enjoyable to chat with.  As the awards dinner started, Tom Garfinkel, the Padres President & CEO came up to speak.  Tom started naming people and thanking them for coming.  He then stated some “super fans were in attendance, Wayne & Rebecca…where are you?”  We raised our hands and were giddy that Tom remembered our names!  Afterwards, we chatted with Dick Enberg, Jerry Coleman, and Coach John Kentera.  All in all a wonderful night.




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