Return Of The Old Timers Game

As a kid growing up, I would read books about baseball players.  From Hank Aaron to Willie Mays to Mickey Mantle to Sandy Koufax, I would read about their lives and how hard they worked to get to the major leagues.  By the time I started watching baseball, most of these players were retired or at the end of their careers.  There was still a ray of hope of seeing some of these great players on the diamond, and that was the yearly Old Timers Game.  The Padres would get retired players to come out and play 3-5 innings of baseball.  It was my chance to see the players who I only knew via books and newspaper clippings. I had the opportunity to see Sandy Koufax pitch, see Willie Mays hit a home run over the left field wall in San Diego Stadium and many other players show flashes of their greatness.  It’s been years since the Padres have hosted an Old Timers Game and I would love to see them bring it back.


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